Yesterday the Rainbow Decks were printed and I held the first one in my hand today.
They are awesome! smiley

52 cards with 52 different colours on their backs. Each card is unique. When you spread the cards in new deck order the spread looks like a rainbow! The jokers and extra joker actually depicts a rainbow.

The cards are the same as the others in the Anglo Poker Edition09. This is the first deck from the 2nd generation, with new but traditional patterns on the four sevens. Each card has its own back colour, slightly different from the cards on either side, but the pattern is the same. As far as I know this is the only deck in the world of this kind. Until today Rainbow Deck meant a deck of cards with all different backs, it was usually a very mixed selection of pictorial and patterned backs. With our newborn baby the word Rainbow Deck has a more literal meaning!

What can you do with it? First of all you can play poker with colour blind people and win every time. Sorry…. But of course you can do some very nice flourishes with this deck. You can use a few cards from this deck for beautiful colour changes in an ordinary deck. You can actually use a few of the cards as a long distance marked deck.

We are waiting for the tuck boxes, the new improved model, but hope to be able to start delivering Rainbow Decks by the end of next week.