Since the very beginning, the sevens of the Anglo Decks have been special, compared to other deck brands. The original idea was to get away from the one way feature of the traditional seven and have a card that look the same from either end.

When we redesigned the Anglo Poker decks with standard indices, our idea was to make the value of the card more visible. Ironically, we found that the best recognizeability was achieved if we made the pips smaller. With more white space around the pips, they would not mix together when viewed from a distance. We know that people do not recognize cards from the number in the corner or even by counting the pips, from a distance, but they recognize the pattern. When we tested different patterns we found what we think was the best relation between visability and design. However the sevens where not recognized, because the pattern differed from most other brands. So we have decided from now on to print all Anglo Poker Standard Index cards with a new, but more traditional pattern of the pips on all sevens.

The first deck with the new design is the Rainbow Deck. But when we do new batches of the Anglo Poker Edition09 they will also have the new pattern on the sevens.